English Language Development (ELD) refers to an instructional program for students who are developing proficiency in English. English Language Learners (ELLs) refer to the students who are enrolled in ELD classes. Many ELs are fluent in more than two languages when they begin to learn English.
Who is eligible for ELD?
Students whose heritage language is other than English and who are not yet proficient in English are eligible for ELD. Students who were born in the United States and speak a heritage language other than English are enrolled in ELD programs if they need to develop proficiency in English. Americans often speak another first language and many do not learn English until they are in school. The key indicator is the student's home language and English proficiency in all domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing on grade level.
What are the criteria for inclusion to be in ELD?
The Home Language Survey is completed by every student at registration. If the survey indicates a home language influence other than English, the Title III Newcomer Coach reviews the student's records for evidence of academic achievement and proficiency in English. In addition, the Title III Newcomer Coach conducts an initial evaluation through an oral interview with the student. If the interview indicates that the student may need ELD support, the ELD Designee will administer the Diagnostic/Inicial ELAPC Exam to determine the student's level of language proficiency and appropriate placement.

Santee Education Complex ELD/Language and Literacy in English Acceleration Program (L2EAP)Santee Education Complex ELD/Language and Literacy in English Acceleration Program (L2EAP)
L2EAP (Language and Literacy in English Acceleration Program) is a classroom setting where English learners who have not yet acquired reasonable fluency in English, as defined by the school district, receive instruction through an English language acquisition process, in which nearly all classroom instruction is in English but with a curriculum and presentation designed for children who are learning the language.
ELD/ELA classroom is a block of instruction provided to students whose primary language is not English. The ELD/ELA block provides students with the opportunities they need to develop their English skills and succeed in school. There are approximately 400 students at Santee Education Complex whose primary language is not English.
Have more questions about the ELD / L2EAP Program?
If you have questions regarding the English Learners Program at Santee Education Complex, your child's language status, program placement, test results, and goals for attaining reclassification criteria, please contact Ms. Acosta, EL Designee, Ms. Rodriguez, Title III Newcomer Coach, or Ms. Salzar, EL Counselor.
Please call the main office to schedule an appointment at 213-763-1000
We encourage all parents to attend our parent advisory committee (ELAC) meetings to learn more about using supplemental federal funds to provide services that raise the academic achievement level of our English learners.