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School-Parent-Student Compact

Santee Education Complex
School-Parent-Student Compact
School Responsibilities
Santee Education Complex will:
• Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the participating children to meet grade level standards.
• Provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum with appropriate benchmarks, formative and summative assessments.
• Utilize and adapt instructional pedagogy in each class to meet the learning needs of each student.
• Implement culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate education.
• Share and support in the vision of the school and its academic and pathway goals.
• Hold at least (2) Parent Conferences per year (one in the fall semester; one in the spring semester) to discuss their student's progress towards the goals of the course(s).
• Provide parents with frequent reports/updates on their student's progress.
• Ensure that parents have access to staff during selected times and are able to make appointments when necessary.
• Initiate close and continuous relationships with students over the four years through seminars and other vehicles to establish personalization and mentoring/counseling opportunities.
• Create opportunities for parents to volunteer, observe and participate in their student's classes.
• Involve parents in the development of the Parent Involvement Policy and the school's Single Plan for Student Achievement.
• Notify parents of all participating programs including Title I, Title II, and Title III programs, as well as provide meetings to share and evaluate school performance data.
Parent Responsibilities
With the assistance of the school-Parents will support their student 's learning by:
• Monitoring attendance and homework
• Volunteering in various aspects of the student's school life.
• Supporting extracurricular activities involving the student or school community.
• Serving on advisory councils or decision-making groups to ensure resources and services are properly offered to the students.
• Participate in trainings/workshops offered by the school to increase academic achievement and to strengthen the relationship and communication between parent and child.
• Initiating continuing communication with teachers and other staff to carefully monitor their student's progress.
• Taking an active role in planning and development of the school's Single Plan for
Student Achievement and Action Plans for increasing the school's overall performance.
Student Responsibilities
With the support of the school-Students will:
• Work together with staff and parents, exercising leadership, to ensure student achievement
• Share the responsibility to improve academic achievement with a commitment to attending school daily and on-time.
• Participate in a rigorous, quality curriculum
• Meet high school graduation and A-G requirements including passage of the High School
Exit Exam to successfully obtain a high school diploma and to prepare for college.
• Actively participate in the instructional pathways to gain knowledge and skills in specific areas of study.
• Demonstrate respect and responsibility for fellow students, staff, and parents during and beyond the regular school day.
• Adhere to all school rules including dress code guidelines as stated in the student handbook.
• Utilize additional resources such as Test Preparation and Saturday School classes, tutoring, the College Center, Library, and other resources to increase or sustain academic achievement levels.
• Read at least 30 minutes a day outside of school hours.
• Give parents/guardians all notices and information related to the school