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Santee Deans are here to support you in all issues that have to do with Discipline.
Students should be sent to the Dean with a Online Referral using the drop down menu in MiSiS. 
  • Dean’s Office L-105; ext 1057
  • Mrs. Kaci Johnson-Cotton [email protected] Intervention Support Coordinator/Discipline 9th - 11th Grades Mr. Will Elston [email protected] Intervention Support Coordinator/Discipline 10th - 12th Grades.
  • Please use this procedure as a guide in dealing with discipline behavior. Please use MiSiS to document steps taken. When documenting, please include ALL steps taken and include the action taken, date, and times, because this will be critical to providing appropriate intervention.
    • To dial out of your classroom, please dial “8” and then extension number.
    • To call an office from your cell phone: the number is 213-763- extension.
    • For immediate security assistance call 213.763.1011 or from your classroom dial “8” wait for dial tone, then dial “1011”. If there is no answer, dial extension “1018”. In addition, look outside your door for a radio carrying staff.
    • For any immediate health issues please call Nurse at extension “1032”.
  1. Teacher In Class Progressive Discipline
        Action taken by teacher prior to completing Student Referral should include at least 3 of the following:
            Warning given to student Date(s)
            Had conference with the student Date(s)
            Assigned detention after parent contact Date(s)
            Changed student seat Date(s)
            Sent notice of behavior home Date(s)
            Sent to Buddy Teacher classroom Date(s)
  2. Parent- Call Parent/Parent Conference (all contact numbers must be attempted)
  • Telephone conference with parents Date(s)
  • Held a parent conference Date(s)   
  • Other Parental Contact Options
  • Parent Center in the Main Office; ext 1072
  • Complete “Home Contact Request” and give to appropriate Parent/Community Representative. You can drop off form at the Parent Center forms in the “Parent Center” inbox in the main office. The Representatives will make the call within a 48 hour period.
  • Ms. Bray (L-Z) 7:30-11:30 [email protected]
  • Ms. Bermudez (A-K) 11:30-3:30 [email protected]