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LA Unified’s Student & Family Wellness Hotline
LA Unified’s Student and Family Wellness Hotline is available to students, families, and staff of LAUSD, during regular school days, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm. It is staffed by personnel from Student Health and Human Services, including PSWs, PSAs, Nurses, and Healthy Start Navigators. Support is available in English and Spanish. The hotline provides support with basic needs such as accessing food, school enrollment and immunizations, health insurance and mental health referrals.
Mental health support is available for anyone needing Psychological First Aid, mental health consultation, or linkage to mental health services. Mental health staff are available to support school site personnel with questions regarding how to support their students.  Additionally, they are able to provide risk assessments by telephone and work collaboratively with LA School Police to respond to a student’s home if further evaluation is warranted. Services are available in multiple languages.
To access support:
  • Call (213) 241-3840. Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish.
  • Select from one of the menu options:
1 If you need assistance accessing resources or services around physical health, academics, finances, immigration, food, shelter, and other basic needs, press 1.  
2 If you are a student or parent in need of mental health support, press 2.
3 If you are calling to reach your School Mental Health Clinic or Wellness Center therapist or psychiatrist, and this is not an emergency, press 3.
4 If you are an employee and need mental health consultation to support a student, press 4.
5 If you are a school police officer and need support with a student, press 5.
6 If you need assistance with school enrollment, press 6.  
7 If you are calling about required immunizations for school entry, guidelines for specialized physical health care services, or assistance with medications during school hours, press 7.
8 If you need assistance with a student in foster care, students experiencing homelessness or students involved in the juvenile justice system, press 8.